Friday, February 29, 2008


Strange how when all is coming to an end... when things no longer matter as much as they used to, I have a strange ability to make a 180 degrees change from annoyed and angry, to civil, pleasant, even.

He was startlingly pleasant, too. Of course, initially, he was condescending. But when I had proof, he didn't believe it, and called up his friend. When I was proven right, the next thing you know, he was downright ass-kissing. Hur hur hur.

So I smiled back. Said my pleases and thankyous. I was so sweet you could get diabetes. Because the cards are in my hands now. So I suppose I could afford to be gracious. :P

Sigh. It's a lil hard to leave the old man behind. He was a good teacher. But because he's rarely around nowadays, and I really can't stand the slp, I figured there's no point for me to stay.

So leave I will, all the lil dramas, like the one he pulled today.

He called early in the morning while I was on the way to get me to print something. First the office, then the handphone.

Yes I printed it. He called again, half an hour later, to the office, to make sure I was in, and to ask if I got the message.

At 11am, he called again, to inquire if I'd printed and bound what he wanted. Oh I was very pleasant.

Then at 1130am, this girl went to take a dump. He came in, walked into my room, found no one there and this drama ensues:

SLP: Where's ****?
Colleague: In the toilet, or the pantry.
SLP walks to pantry and comes back: She's not in the pantry.
SLP whips out handphone to call me. Phone was in the toilet with me (cos he checks on my stuff). Phone rings while I was taking a dump. I ignore it.
SLP: I'm calling her handphone but I don't hear it. Where is it?
SLP searches for my handphone at my desk.
SLP: She went out, didn't she?
Colleague: No, she went to the toilet, I think.
SLP: Her handphone should be here. Where's her bag?
SLP looks around for my bag to search through it.
Colleague freaks out and says: I think she's in the toilet.
SLP: Where's her bag?
Colleague: I don't know.
SLP walks to the toilet to look for me.
I come out of the door and he comes towards me, the phone ringing in my pocket. Over and over.
SLP: I was looking for you.
SLP stops calling.
Me: *looks him in the eye (he's a short guy, I'm almost level to him* I. WAS. TAKING. A. DUMP.
It must have hit home then how ridiculous all that was cos he said: Oh... it's alright then. Where's the report?
Me: On your table (*if you cared to look rather than worry about where I was*)
I walk off as he pretends to use the loo. He was back in a moment.

In that short period, I had 2 missed calls from him.

Tell me he's not insane.