Sunday, April 13, 2008


fainted. crapped my pants when i was out. in public. sighs....

psycho says there's never a dull moment with me. but but.... i would, honestly, rather stay in the background most days.

especially that day.

guess it was a culmination of many many bad things. and some highstringing ones.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Random Tortoise Question

A totally random question on a Sunday night:

I wonder:

If a tortoise somehow fell on it's back, with it's feet in the air, if no one turns it back on its feet, would it die of starvation? How would it be able to get back on its feet?

Vindaloo Curry

In one of House's episodes, House's ex-wife described their relationship as vindaloo curry. Spicy, flavourful, exciting, so hot. And you go on eating because it tastes so good until it burns. And then you never want to even look at curry again. Until one day, you wake up, and you just want vindaloo curry so bad.

I wonder if sometimes we're just drawn to people like that. So different in many fundamental ways, and would never come together if not for being drawn that way. And despite both parties' best efforts and good intentions, sometimes it's just best to leave the curry alone.

Because curry will be curry. Curry will never change. If it's watered down, it's not curry anymore.