Tuesday, June 27, 2006

3rd rudest city.... Huh....

3rd rudest city..... Huh....

So much venom to spew. So little time.

To sum up my feelings about the whole 'KL being the third rudest city in the world' brouhaha.... well, our politicians don't have much in between their ears, or they're too used to everyone kissing their asses, or they really don't understand the meaning of the survey being very UN-touristy and targeted at locals BY locals. I just think they're just plain 'super-duper intelligent'. Don't you?

And really, have they no eyes to see, or ears to hear? Maybe not. Honestly though, no man opens doors for women here, unless they wanna get in your pants, or they are your friends (occasionally nia lahh... that also when they're in a bloody good mood). Pick up papers??? You're friggin' outta your mind, right? DIRTY worrr!!!!! Say thank you?? HARRR????? For bloody what? Kiss ass ar? NONID!! Smile also difficult, you know? What for open mouth some more. Unless you white skin. Different story. Then really kiss ass till the sun comes down and rises again. Hopefully got big tip marrr....

Then again. Having had my bag snatched and my poor body dragged (now got scar! SOB!!) by nasty motorcycle snatch thieves, I really wouldn't pick up papers dropped on a floor by a man. Single girl living in a metro city with family a sea away can't really take much chances with her life. A woman, yes. I was brought up to be civil by my parents. And I cannot forgo so many years of tutoring just because I am living in a rather cold, emotionally-distant city. Saying Thank You I hope I still do often enough. Friends, gimme two tight slaps across the face if I start getting rude. :) That's really what friends are for. To put one down when the situation warrants it. To root me to the ground. Holding open doors? Holy smokes... do you have any idea how many men I've held doors open for? Sighs.... Malaysian men are unbelieveable! Sad, really, huh? I know a few who're nice, but I guess it just isn't ingrained. I constantly have to remind my own korkor to do it for me. CHIH!!! :p

As for Malaysian politicians? Ahemm.... they come up with the most brilliant remarks... Oh, you know: How divorced women are itchy women, how men who stay at home and look after home and children are lazy, and now, this.... :) Observers needn't say anything, really. Why should they? The things these people say are incriminating enough as they are.

If you have nothing bright to say, don't say anything. A fool is only a fool when he opens his mouth.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Nothing is sacred...

Nothing is sacred....

I've mentioned this more than once. And I'll say it again. Nothing is sacred in the medical profession. Here's an example:

We've just got us a new gynaecology lecturer. Fantastic dude. Hilarious sense of humour. Has a cynical way of looking at everything :)

Here's what happened today:

Module: Obstetrics
Subject: 1st trimester pregnancy
Clinical situation: Pregnant woman with a 14 X 8 cm fibroid in the fundus of the uterus above the baby.


Lecturer: The fibroid will degenerate and lose it's blood supply.
Student: But it would still be there?
Lecturer: It would still be there.
Student: It's so huge...
Other students: Yalor yalor....
Lecturer: Yes, the baby would grow, and push the fibroid upwards towards the abdominal cavity.
Student: So the poor woman would be carrying two huge lumps around?!?!
Lecturer: *nods sagely* Haiya... carry the lumps around laa... After all, you all have two breasts, what's two lumps to you all?
Students: *stunned split second of absolute silence before breaking into hysterical laughter....!!*

OMG... didn't I say he was one cool old dude?

Monday, June 19, 2006

I stand amid the roar
Of a surf-tormented shore,
And I hold within my hand
Grains of the golden sand.

How few! Yet how they creep
Through my fingers to the deep,
While I weep! While I weep!

O GOD! Can I not grasp
One with a tighter clasp!
O GOD! Can I not save
One from the pitiless wave?

Is what we see or seen
A dream within a dream?

Friday, June 16, 2006



Okay, i knew this year would be one of change. Where do I start? Scanning is alright, but I need practice. Been sick a couple of times last month, and it sucks. Planning to have a change of location next month. Moving house sucks too, but now that classes are getting earlier, and ending later, I really don't have either the energy, the time, or the money to commute back and forth. So I'm stuck with having to choose between two evils. The hassle of moving, or the hassle of daily commuting. I think I'd move.

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging lately. Been really busy. Been tired, been unwell. And I have some plans up my sleeves as well. Hopefully, it'd work out with the help of some friends. Now that I've turned 25, I find myself thinking of the future more.... (Oh!! How sombre :p) and freaking out that my youth is slipping through my fingers. 5 years from now, I want to look back and feel that I've achieved something.

Couple of my friends are coming next month, and we're meeting up. HOORAY!! :) It's nice to see old faces again, and to exchange views on anything under the sun. How time flies :)
O&G classes in 3. Let's hope I update soon :p