Friday, September 26, 2008

A boring workday.... a not-so-boring conversation

This was just WAAAYYYYY TOOOOO precious to NOT cut and paste up as a blogpost :P

Btw, my dear blogders... if any of you knows of any guy who fits the description below, please drop me an email at: I got a big-breasted, small-footed, fair-skinned, slit-eyed, technologically-CRAZY, slightly manic, virginal girl friend to introduce to him :P

I'd so get slaughtered for pimping her off like this :D but oh well.... :P

On a fine Friday afternoon, getting typically bored at work on a typically unexciting workday, other than completely scandalising my totally straitlaced (though I'd bet he's gay) colleague (he reads Jane Austen! I mean.... even the lady mentioned below can't stand Jane Austen! ohh... I forgot, she's quite male :P) and my completely gay colleague who fancies Mr. Straitlace.... the day continued to crawl along at a snail's pace as usual....

Until! I had the fine idea to have Ms. XY entertain me... she's very good at that :P

After all, we had a hot new topic to discuss.... a mutual friend's recent erm.... sexploits. Let's call her Ms. XX

[15:17]: teeteeteeeettttttt
[15:17]: i'm bored
[15:17]: i hear u gave ms. xx the third degree
ms. xy [15:17]: of coz
[15:18]: :P
[15:18]: yes, mama
[15:18]: :D
[15:18]: u're like the mother hen
[15:18]: guarding all the little chicks
[15:19]: then u peckpeck them if they run out of the reban ayam :P
ms. xy [15:19]: ??
ms. xy [15:19]: uh yeah.......
ms. xy [15:19]: if they something stupid
[15:20]: :D
[15:20]: u do realise....
[15:21]: it's fun watching u go nutterz? :P
[15:22]: and when u go: are u friggin outta ur mind?
[15:23]: but yalah
[15:23]: i told her i agree with u :P a bit ironic for a person selling HIV kits to be so ermmm.... cavalier :)
ms. xy [15:24]: was foaming at the mouth
[15:24]: ermmmm
[15:24]: i can imagine :P
[15:25]: why, did she come one day all starry eyed and all? :P
ms. xy [15:25]: no
ms. xy [15:25]: she spilled
ms. xy [15:25]: w/o me sayin nuthing
[15:26]: oh? yalar... she came all starry eyed
[15:26]: and cooey and happy :P
[15:26]: going it was so nice, etc etc? :P
ms. xy [15:28]: nope
ms. xy [15:28]: a bit sheepish actually
ms. xy [15:28]: since i querried bout d *ahem*
[15:30]: i KNEW it. u'd be the one going: are u practising safe sex? :P
[15:30]: then she'd go: i'm on the pill......
[15:30]: :P
ms. xy [15:33]: yes the it'll be i'm said SAFE sex. not birth control
[15:33]: :)
[15:34]: welllll.... i was quite stunned at first too
[15:34]: him being *** and all
[15:34]: if he's circumcised, it'll lessen the chances a bit
ms. xy [15:34]: *rolls eyes*
[15:34]: :D
[15:35]: man.... i wonder if u finally get a bf, u'd make him do the entire bloodtest, condom thingy :P
ms. xy [15:37]: prob
ms. xy [15:37]: n a full body scrubdown with antimicrobials
ms. xy [15:37]: mayb wrap him in nano silver
[15:43]: .....
[15:43]: u wanna turn him into a robot, duncha
[15:43]: hahahahaha
[15:44]: then how about the sex?
[15:44]: and the french kissing?
[15:44]: no go? :P
ms. xy [15:47]: after the nano silver works its magic
[15:48]: u gonna wrap the insides of his mouth with nano silver too?
[15:48]: direct bodily fluid exchange how? :P
ms. xy [15:52]: more like flush his blood stream with it
ms. xy [15:53]: then make him wear a patch that constantly excrets d particles into him
[15:54]: LOL
[15:54]: ROFLMAO
[15:54]: thanks for making my day
[15:54]: u soooo want a robot for a bf
ms. xy [15:56]: of coz
[15:58]: can i PLEASE
[15:58]: put this on my blog?
[15:58]: PLEASE?
[15:58]: :P
[15:58]: who knows a guy who doesnt mind having nano silver pumped into him may JUST read my blog
[15:58]: hurhurhur
ms. xy [15:59]: funny
[15:59]: since he doesnt mind nano silver....
ms. xy [15:59]: i'm not really a fan of nano-silver
[15:59]: he'd prolly won't mind cosmetic surgery if he ain't cute enough :P
[15:59]: and he just MIGHT be ur bionic man
ms. xy [15:59]: but its anti-microbial properties will hav to do
[15:59]: :P
ms. xy [15:59]: funny
[15:59]: tea tree oil? :P
[15:59]: garlic??
[15:59]: :D
ms. xy [15:59]: no too organic
[15:59]: LOL
[16:00]: nano silver it is then
[16:00]: :P

Yes, I've asked her permission to post this up. She wants royalties. I figured if we get to marry her off, I should be getting royalties instead :P and yes, I forgot to mention. She bad at spelling :P

Monday, September 15, 2008

Songs from my childhood: I see the moon... and the moon sees me

I said I wanted an herb garden... and he thought I had said I wanted a rose garden.

Which brought me back to a song my mother liked to sing to me when she was making her delicious dinners in the kitchen. I can't remember all the lyrics, but some of the melody. I do remember this, though:

I beg your pardon...
I never promised you a rose garden..
Along with the sunshine..
You gotta have a little rain sometime...

And as usual with my memory by association, I moved on to:

10 green bottles, hanging on the wall,
10 green bottles, hanging on the wall,
and if one green bottle,
should accidentally faaaalllllllll...........
there'd be 9 green bottles hanging on the wall...

:P great way to teach kiddies subtraction... I remember we used to sing nursery rhymes and children's songs in primary school too. LOL! Malay AND English..

How about: Burung kakak tua... (can't remember the rest :P)

Then, moving on to one of my faves. Mom used to sing this to me when we went on moonlit walks together around the neighbourhood. I had only remembered the first few lines, and as usual, being obsessive-compulsive, had to find out the rest. Here's the version I remembered:

I see the moon and the moon sees me
Down thru the leaves of the old oak tree,
Please let the light that shines on me
Shine on the one I love.

Over the mountains and over the sea
Back where my heart is yearning to be
Please let the light that shines on me
Shine on the one I love.

I hear the lark and the lark hears me
Singing a song with a memory
Please let the lark that sings to me
Sing to the one I love.

Repeat chorus

I kiss the rose and the rose kisses me
Fragrant as only a rose can be
Please take the kiss that comforts me
Back to the one I love.

Repeat chorus

I see the moon and the moon sees me
The moon sees the one that I long to see
God bless the moon and God bless me
God bless the one I long to see.

Repeat chorus

I do believe that God up above
Created you for me to love
He picked you out from all the rest
Because he knew I'd love you best.

Repeat chorus

If I get to heaven and you're not there
I'll write your name on a golden stair
I'll write it big so all the angels see
Just how very much you mean to me.

My parents were great with nursery rhymes and children's songs.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

How can I say no?!

If it's raining Regency men like these.... how can I say no?! And yeah, Brit actors over American any day.... how to compare? Alan Rickman, Sean Connery, Colin Firth, Jude Law, Clive Owen? Yuummmmmm.....